Dan McClung Piano Tuner-Technician

Piano Tuning, Repair, Regulation & Voicing Since 1979

Tunings for Cascade Festival Of Music, Sunriver Music Festival & C.O.C.C.
before opening the following stores:
Owner of Piano Shoppe 1987-2001
Owner of Music Makers 2003-2018


Piano Tuning


All manufacturers recommend new pianos receive 3 or 4 tunings the first year to stretch the strings and a minimum of two tunings per year thereafter due to seasonal changes in humidity. This prevents the piano from dropping in pitch and maintains a reasonable tuning. 

Key Repair


Regular servicing can catch small problems before they become big ones.

Piano Tuning


Proper regulation assures the correct feel and responsiveness of the keys.



Voicing is the adjustment of a piano's tonal quality -  usually by softening or hardening of the hammers. A skilled piano technician can voice a piano to change its tonal personality.

Customer Reviews:

Mike Betsch

We had our baby grand tuned and then Dan came back and cleaned the inside....excellent tuning, sound and the cleaning was remarkable. Thanks so much

Norm Andross

Candidly, my grand piano now plays like a different instrument. The tuning is perfect, the dynamic range is much improved, and the feel from the keyboard has subtlety and finesse. Dan worked diligently until he was totally satisfied that the piano played as well as it possibly could. I now have a grand piano that truly sings. I could not be more pleased with the results. If you need piano work, you won't find a better technician in Bend. Thanks so much Dan!

Payment methods: cash, local check, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AmEx

Things to consider:

Piano tuners need plenty of light and plenty of quiet.

All manufacturers recommend a minimum of two tunings per year.  This prevents the piano from dropping in pitch and maintains a reasonable tuning. If a piano is as much as 5 cents flat (there are 100 cents between half-steps), the pitch must be raised before it can be tuned.  If the piano is as much as 20 cents flat it will require two pitch raises before tuning. The older a piano is, the more likely it will need more than just tuning.  Never buy a used piano without first obtaining an inspection that includes the cost of all repairs, regulation, etc.

Concerning older upright pianos: the old tall uprights were discontinued around the end of 1929 when the "Great Depression" began.  Though most of these are no longer serviceable there are a few exceptions - usually because they have been at least restrung and or completely rebuilt.  Unfortunately, many of these ninety-two-plus year old pianos are listed as free or for very low cost on Craig's list and social media outlets and are picked up by the unknowledgeable in terms of pianos only to be charged a service fee to hear the bad news.  If you suspect you have one of these please consult with me before we confirm an appointment.

Standard tuning in the Bend area: $150  (includes Redmond, Sisters & Sunriver)
$75 per pitch-raise before tuning (if needed)
Repairs, regulations and voicing: $80/hr.                                                  

Inspection fee (to determine if a piano is a good buy or is serviceable) $95.

I do not do appraisals.  I do not service tall, old player pianos with paper rolls.
Minimum service charge: $95

Add $50 to overall costs for LaPine, Prineville, Madras and Black Butte Ranch/Camp Sherman areas.

Other work and locations by quote.

If at all possible, please notify me at least 48 hours before an appointment time needs to be changed.


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